PKU challenge – Day 5


Day 5 – Friday 26th June

Today did not start well as the whole family woke up late…everyone was tired as we had a disruptive night…rushing for school…mufti day…”Mum, what can I wear?”….rumaging around the house for summer fair donations…the last thing on my mind was sitting down for a good breakfast!

Breakfast – cup of tea and a banana on the way to school! (not ideal)

For my supplement today I decided to try  Phlexy-10 tablets…I managed 6 in the morning before I started to heave/wretch! (The target for the day is 60 Phlexy-10 tablets!)


11am – LP loops with prozero and strawberriesIMG_5535I tried to take some more tablets…I managed 4 more and I just couldn’t take anymore (what a wuss!) so that was 10 tablets in total and I would need to take 60 tablets for the day + 5 Phlexy-vits tablets for all my vitamins, minerals and trace elements. I am back on the liquid supplement…

 11:30am – Xphe Jump and glass coconut milk

 1:30pm Lunch – I had a friend over for lunch

I made a salad for both of us – lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, avocado

Hummus as 3 exchanges for me + Mevalia LP crostini


My friend also had the crostini and she added smoked salmon and cream cheese

4pm – Lophlex LQ

After getting home from school, I started preparing the aubergine and potato curry….the smell of the spices frying in the pan was delicious. I added chicken to the curry for my girls and hubby. I weighed out the potatoes (160g boiled potatoes = 2 exchanges) for me and then added the chicken for the rest of the curry.


This was a delicious meal… the recipe was sent to me by Polly O’Connor (adult with PKU) last year…I remembered it as being one of my favourite meals during last year’s PKU challenge so I decided to make it again.

I added a dollop of Coyo coconut yoghurt/cream (45g = 1 exchange) which made the curry deliciously creamy.


2 x Xphe Jump as my supplement tonight – the girls tried their own supplements too, to encourage me!

IMG_5547 IMG_5548

Today was all about trying out the Phlexy-10 tablets and I failed miserably! I thought the tablets were terrible and I am full of admiration and respect for anyone who takes the tablets as their supplement.

Tomorrow night I am going to a party with a Hogg roast….let’s see how I cope with that one!

Paula x