PKU challenge – Day 2


Day 2 – Tuesday 23rd June 2015

This morning I have planned to go for a run so I made sure I had a good breakfast before heading out for my exercise fix.


I decided to have my exchanges from milk (60ml = 2 exchanges) in my tea as I love my Earl Grey tea so much! I also had Loprofin cereal loops with Prozero milk and a banana cut up over the cereal. I found the taste of the loops extremely sweet. I then had a PKU Cooler 20 – red top and thought it was sickly sweet too.


I must admit I struggled with this breakfast and felt quite nauseous whilst taking my supplement and my children said I was pulling a funny face!

My girls have been extremely supportive of me during my ‘PKU challenge. They have tried everything that I am eating/drinking including the supplements! Funnily enough, they didn’t think the cereal loops were too sweet!! They provided much needed moral support for me this morning…”Come on mummy, you can do it!”


After the school drop off, I went for a 5km run and felt fine during my run, I definitely had enough energy. Phew!


For lunch I had a salad of lettuce, rocket (just a little), tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, olives, avocado, LP penne pasta and hummus as 3 exchanges. I also added olive oil and lemon juice as a dressing.

2 XPhe Jump supplements – these went down fairly easily but still found them very sweet.

IMG_5482 IMG_5483

During the afternoon I didn’t get too hungry and managed to wait until (early) dinner time until I had my next meal.

After school, my girls and I had great fun creating “courgetti” with my new spiralizer kitchen gadget! We also made sweet potato “crisps” to bake in the oven and cucumber spirals for a salad. My spiralizer was from Lakeland – see the link below:(


Our dinner was cooked by my eldest daughter Lily – stir fried courgette with garlic. I then made a white sauce with Prozero and cornflour to go with the courgetti and the girls added ham to their courgetti and white sauce; I had peas (25g = 1 exchange) over mine. They both had second helpings of their food (I have never seen them devour courgettes like this before!!) and I really enjoyed my meal.

IMG_5492  IMG_5493

My supplement tonight was a frozen Lophlex sensation (berry flavour)…a few days ago IIMG_5494
was at a PKU patient day in Bristol and someone gave me the idea to freeze the Lophlex sensation so I decided to give it a go! I enjoyed having it frozen, but I have to admit I only managed half the pot and had to put the other half back in the freezer. I will finish it later tonight….

At about 9pm I felt quite peckish so had a sneaky snack…fresh mango, fresh strawberries and Coyo coconut yoghurt (45g = 1 exchange), as well as a glass of red wine (thank goodness red wine has no exchanges!)


Bring on day 3…

Paula x