PKU challenge – Day 1


On the 28th June it is International PKU Day…a day to raise awareness about the challenges that families and adults with PKU face (not sure what PKU is? See my post on PK…what?)

A group of 6 dietitians working with children and adults with PKU (and other metabolic conditions) have decided to go on the PKU diet for 1 week as a challenge to raise awareness about this rare condition.

I have decided to keep a diary for the week and write a blog post each evening with my day’s food intake and some thoughts / comments for the day….here goes!

Day 1 – Monday 22nd June 2015

Today is the first day of my 7 day, 7 exchange Dietitian’s PKU challenge’ and I have to admit I am feeling a little apprehensive about the week. Last year I was really hungry for most of the week, so I am determined to keep my energy levels up this week. I am planning to go for a run tomorrow morning, so I will need to make sure I have enough fuel on board for that.

8:20am – Breakfast

1 Weetabix (20g = 2 exchanges) with Alpro coconut milk, fresh mango and a cup of tea with coconut milk.

Supplement = Lophlex LQ 20


10:45am – started feeling hungry

Mid-morning snack = fresh mango (left over from breakfast) + 1 packet Mini crackers with a cup of tea with Prozero

Lunchtime – 1pm

3 slices Loprofin toast

2 slices with avocado, 1 slice cream cheese (17g = 1 exchange)

Carrots, cherry tomatoes



Fresh strawberries with Coyo coconut yoghurt (45g = 1 exchange)

Supplement = PKU air

IMG_5470 IMG_5471

3pm – school pick up

Apple as a snack

LP crackers with Violife cheese (at home)

6pm Dinner

Roasted butternut and mushroom risotto (90g rice = 2 exchanges) with grated Violife cheese

Supplement = Lophlex sensations pot (frozen)



Later….Apple cut up with Coconut Collaborative coconut yoghurt (45g = 1 exchange), a sprinkling of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey…delicious!


Thoughts for the day:

  • My favourite Earl Grey tea tastes very different with coconut milk or low protein milk
  • Today I managed to keep my hunger at bay by eating small amounts regularly throughout the day
  • A frozen AA supplement in the evening made for a nice change from the usual sickly sweet liquid supplements

I am feeling optimistic for Day 2 and for the rest of the week’s PKU challenge!