I have created these FREE NUTRITION GUIDES for you, based on the questions I receive in my weekly Q&A sessions on Instagram. Many of you have children with a cow’s milk allergy and were worried about your baby/child’s calcium and iodine intakes on a dairy free diet.

I have therefore created these unique and practical guides below to give you the confidence to provide your little one with all the nutrition they need, despite avoiding dairy products due to an allergy.

I have also created a guide all about the importance of iron and iron rich foods, as this is a critical nutrient for ALL babies, whether they have food allergies or not. This guide explains why iron is so important and how to provide iron rich foods to your baby and how to maximise their absorption.

I hope you find the guides helpful!

5 facts you need to know about calcium and dairy-free diets

To help children build strong bones for life.

Iodine and food allergies

Everything you need to know about the benefits of iodone and the best food sources.

Iron rich foods for your baby

Why it’s important and iron-rich foods to build into your baby’s diet.


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