FREE Masterclass – 3 myths about cow’s milk allergy that may surprise you…

3 Myths about cow’s milk allergy that may surprise you 

FREE Masterclass 

WHAT: 1 hour Masterclass 

WHEN: Tuesday 12th January at 8pm

WHEN: Thursday 14th January at 12pm

WHEN: Saturday 16th January at 10am

WHO: For parents of babies with cow’s milk allergy aged 4-8 months of age  

Are you feeling anxious and confused about how and what to feed your baby with a milk allergy? Confused about what you read online? Not sure who or what to believe? Then my FREE masterclass is just what you need! 

This FREE masterclass will go through 3 myths about CMA and how these relate to feeding your baby. I can’t wait to see you there!


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